JANUARY 14, 2019

The company complied in 2018 with all the environmental goals with less costs for the inhabitants and exceeded the recyclable record.


Valorsul, EGF concessionaire in the regions of Lisbon and Oeste, met in 2018, all environmental targets imposed by the Portuguese State to recycling and diversion of waste from landfills.


From last year there was an increase in all materials: glass; paper and board; plastic and metal. In total, more than 9 thousand tons of recyclable material were brought into the Company's Sorting Centers from the previous year and exceeded.



The separation of paper and cardboard cartons was recorded in higher growth (up 17% on the previous year). There was a very positive change in the separation of plastic and metal for recycling (another 14%) and the recycling trend of 6%.


Every inhabitant of the region sent, on average, 50 kg of materials to recycle. The company also met a target of not exceeding 23% of biodegradable waste deposited in landfills.


This offer was obtained at around 30 million euros for investments originally planned (thus with less costs for citizens). The investment was replaced by an existing betting optimization strategy and infrastructure sharing.


West Region registers the highest growth


In the 14 municipalities of the West of Valorsul, this change is still more positive, with growth of more than 26% in the shipment of plastic and metal. The strong growth was due to a strong investment in the selective rate, carried out by the company with more than 1500 ecopoints, plus 28 collection vehicles and awareness campaigns.