NOVEMBER 06, 2020

The largest and most technological packaging sorting line in our country is already fully operational. It is located in the Lumiar Sorting Center, in Lisbon, and makes sorting faster and more rigorous, especially for various types of plastics and metals that families and businesses separate to recycle in yellow containers and ecopoints.

5.5 million investment guarantees capacity increase

The investment, of approximately 5.5 million euros in the new Valorsul Sorting Center, has provided this infrastructure with a processing capacity of more than 7 tons per hour of plastic and metal, which will allow to cope with the growth of quantities separated by people in the coming years.

7 optical readers were also installed that automatically separate different plastics and more than 100 equipment and conveyors, which allow the maximum use of all the material that reaches this sorting line.


On a daily basis, this Sorting Center treats and sends the plastic and metal packaging that arrives there (44 tons/day) but also 105 tons of paper and cardboard and 88 tons of glass for recycling. The new Sorting Center employs 70 workers, in two shifts, which guarantee the entire operation and a high quality control of the materials.


Valorsul invites you to a virtual visit to this important piece of technology in the area of ​​recyclable waste separation, by viewing a short 2-minute video:

At the Cadaval Screening Center, work on upgrading and increasing capacity has also been completed, to cope with the growth achieved in the selective collection of the West.


The new packaging line, in Lisbon, was financed by PO SEUR.