MAY 30, 2017

Valorsul was one of the 3 winners of the Solidarity Company Award, a distinction awarded by the City Council of Amadora to the companies that stood out the most during the year 2016, in terms of Social Responsibility.

In this edition, 13 companies competed for the award. The goal was to honor organizations that contribute positively to society, also managing their environmental impacts.

Valorsul competed with its Ecovalor Program, which in 2016 provided the students of the municipality with 36 visits to its facilities, to 800 participants and 21 actions of sensitization in the classroom, covering 450 participants. Ecovalor's biggest success is the recyclable sorting contest in schools, where schools receive cash prizes according to the quantities of materials they send to recycle. In 2016, Amadora's schools received prizes worth almost € 2,000 and it was possible to collect 10 tonnes of plastic and metal and 14 tonnes of paper and cardboard. The separate paper and carton saved the slaughter of 300 trees.
The jury included representatives of the municipality, associations related to social responsibility and the business world.