NOVEMBER 14, 2018

The European Week for Waste Prevention is starting - between 17 and 25 November, many actions will be carried out from North to South of the country, all of them with the aim of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste produced.


The central theme this year is to warn of the need to reduce the consumption of products with harmful content, but all themes can be addressed. EGF and its Concessionaires have once again aligned themselves with this movement, with continuity actions, but also with initiatives that take place on specific days and times.







Action: "Solidarity Collection of Used Toys" in favor of ENTRAJUDA

Date: November 17-25

Public: Population in general

Location: All Algar facilities

Brief description: Action to raise used toys (dolls, balls, books, cds, among others) at the Algar facility for distribution to poor families in the Algarve supported by ENTRAJUDA.




Action: Fair "Smile Exchange"

Date: November 17-25

Public: School Population

Location: Schools

Brief description: Algar encourages schools to choose a day at the SEPR for students, teachers and auxiliaries to take some objects that they no longer use (games, CDs, books, clothes, toys, etc.) and promote a trade fair , for other objects that they lack. The purpose of the "Smile Exchange" action is to make everyone happy, increase the lifecycle of objects and alert the school community to the importance of reducing waste and depositing landfill.




Action: Action to raise awareness with Algar's Environmental Education Vehicle

Date: November 19-21

Public: School Population

Location: Escola da Bemposta, Portimão

Brief description: Awareness raising about the theme of the 3R's to the students of Escola da Bemposta.




Action: Our house is a planet

Date: 20th and 21st of November

Public: Activity for the school community, developed in partnership with Esposende Ambiente.

Location: Esposende - Center for Environmental Education (Marinhas) and Forjães School Center (Forjães)

Brief description: The project "Our House is a Planet" will be presented to the children of Pre-school Education and students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, in ongoing sessions at the Education Center (Navy) and the Forjães School Center. This project is the result of the joint work of the companies ALGAR, ERSUC, RESIESTRELA, RESINORTE, RESULIMA, SULDOURO, VALNOR and VALORMINHO and was supported by the environmental fund and the national environmental education strategy 2020. The themes of reduction, reuse and recycling are approached in an innovative way, using itinerant planetariums and three films projected in 360º, which allows an interactive dynamic with students and participants.





Action: Domestic Composting is right for you!

Date: November 17, at 3:00 p.m.

Audience: All

Location: Valorlis Facilities

Brief description: Lecture on domestic composting, with draw of domestic composter at the end of the activity.




Action: Bicycle Ride - On the Packaging Route

Date: November 18, at 09 o'clock

Audience: All

Location: Valorlis Facilities

Brief description: Tour with learning about the rules of recycling, with a thematic workshop at the end of the activity.




Action: From the Garden to the Table, with flavor, creativity, without waste

Date: November 24, 2:30 p.m.

Audience: All

Location: Valorlis Facilities

Brief description: Workshop on techniques to avoid waste in the garden and kitchen.




Action: Healthy Business, Healthy Living

Date: November 17-25

Audience: All employees of Valorminho

Location: Valorminho

Brief description: Internal Communication about Waste prevention, substitution of disposable cups in facilities and awareness raising with employees.




Action: Waste prevention, a mission

Date: November 12

Audience: Verdoejo


Brief description: Lectures on Composting and awareness raising.




Action: Waste Prevention, Goodbye Napkin

Date: November 21

Public: Vila Nova de Cerveira


Brief description: realization of an individual bag of bread ", in order to replicate the example in the day center.





Action: Composting, another way to recycle!

Date: November 24

Audience: All residents of the West region

Location: Valorsul facilities, in Cadaval.

Brief description: Training session, with delivery of a practical composting guide and the offer of a composer.




Action: Collection of Hazardous Wastes

Date: November 17-25

Audience: All

Location: Ecocentro Lumiar

Brief description: Collection of hazardous waste such as paint cans, thinners, pesticides, insecticides, photographic fluids, properly packed in sealed packages.



European Week of Waste Prevention

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) runs from November 17-25, 2018. The central theme this year is to warn of the need to reduce the consumption of products with hazardous content. It is time to reduce the use of this type of products in the spaces that surround us, such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages, lofts, etc! The aim is to raise public awareness of the need for waste reduction and this initiative is an incentive to reduce the amount of waste produced in Europe.