NOVEMBER 19, 2017

The European Week for Waste Reduction has already started and runs from November 18 to 26 in 30 countries. As of November 18, there were 13,410 registered actions, all with the objective of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste produced.
The thematic axis of this year's year is Reuse and Repair: Give It a New Life! This theme represents the need to change from a disposable attitude to a greater appreciation of the products and resources used. EGF and its Concessionaires have once again aligned themselves with this movement, with ongoing actions but also with initiatives that take place on specific days and times.



The European Week of Waste Reduction

Launched in 2009, this initiative has always focused on awareness-raising for waste reduction, the highest priority set out in the European hierarchy of waste management. Throughout the eight previous editions, this initiative has been increasingly successful and has created a network of public and private actors actively involved in the field of waste prevention. Not only associations, public authorities, educational institutions and companies, but also individual citizens, will implement actions this week: this shows the growing interest in reducing the amount of garbage we put in the containers every day. Including this year's actions, this initiative has reached a total of 87,221 actions since its first edition in 2009. On average, a European citizen produces almost 500 kg of waste annually while recycling less than half of it or even less.