JUNE 5, 2019

On World Environment Day, EGF announces the ongoing renovation movement and promotes public education and environmental awareness initiatives across the country through its concessionaires.


This renewal takes place on all fronts - infrastructure is built, new facilities are planned, processes are optimized, fleets and containers are upgraded, new selective collection circuits are implemented, employees are empowered, talents are promoted and pilot projects for larger scale projects.


This wave of investment - twice as much as in 2016 and 2017 - and the implementation momentum is accompanied by a commitment to municipalities and citizens and is exemplified by facts:



  • 169 new vehicles to be rolled out in 2018;
  • more than 55,000 new containers for selective collection of packaging;
  • expansion of sorting lines in the contracting phase;
  • lean processes in implementation; innovation in contact with the citizen who rewards him for his actions;
  • and two support landfills - North and South - that guarantee facility support.


The new collection vehicles have already begun to circulate and the availability of services to citizens has increased - the number of collection sites and door-to-door collection solutions has increased throughout the country. This increase in capacity to receive and transport is accompanied by the expansion of sorting lines, of which the highlight is the ongoing process at Valorsul with the remodeling of the Lumiar and West sorting centers and the new green waste composting unit.


But none of this would be possible without involving the citizen in the process, and the EGF has ongoing campaigns and large-scale actions that change the paradigm in contact with the population. The campaigns added to the placement of the new ecopoints, actions with specific information on the use of containers (sad ecopoints), tailored door-to-door collections (with emphasis on the Suldouro project in Vila Nova de Gaia and Santa Maria da Feira , which is the second largest door-to-door collection project in the country) and innovative actions that reward citizens with their environmentally sound behavior - innovative solutions that leverage EGF for a new phase of its journey.