JUNE 05, 2018

EGF and its Concessionaires today mark World Environment Day in various parts of the country, with education and environmental awareness initiatives in various locations.


Of the various initiatives, the actions in which the action is available are Our House is a Planet, available on this day in Torres Vedras and Portalegre, energized by Valorsul and Valnor.


Our house is a planet

The Action of Environmental Education Our House is a Planet presents 3 films specially designed to be seen in itinerant planetariums, using a 360º projection technique and with contents appropriate to 3 different audiences: kindergarten; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycle; Secondary / Adult.


In an innovative way, the sensitization actions include, in addition to the presentation of the films, games about the environmental theme and delivery of pedagogical materials that allow to consolidate the knowledge obtained by means of information transmission vehicle. The active and passive participation of the public are themselves a national environmental awareness campaign that can be replicated by other entities and with an easy multiplier effect.


The themes presented in the Environmental Education Action Our House is One Planet are based on the Reduction, Reuse, Recovery and Recycling of materials and energy, replacing the end-of-life concept of linear economy with concepts of Reuse, Restoration and Renewal. In such a way, the action contributes to active citizenship in the field of sustainable development and to building a low carbon, rational and efficient society in the use of its resources.



Upcoming Shows


05 JUNE - Portalegre (VALNOR)

05 and 06 JUNE 2018 - 29º WEST CHILDREN - Torres Vedras (VALORSUL)

07 and 08 of JUNE - S. Brás de Alportel (ALGAR)