EGF and the 11 Companies, with the support of POSEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources), are promoting and supporting sustainable events among municipalities and organizations from the North to the South of the country. Summer festivals, sporting events, festivals and pilgrimages are the first target of this campaign which aims to broaden appropriate environmental habits everywhere.


A new wave of social innovation has started - many good examples this year are contributing to a better environmental performance of the country, namely in the management of the waste produced. The companies ALGAR, AMARSUL, ERSUC, RESIESTRELA, RESINORTE, RESULIMA, SULDOURO, VALNOR, VALORLIS, VALORSUL and VALORMINHO are in force and will intensify this energy by the end of the year, in each of their areas of intervention, with the realization of initiatives that turn this year's events into good environmental examples.





The objective is to ensure that the organizers guarantee the proper management of waste produced in the event venues, from their prevention, reuse and recycling and to sensitize the participants to collaborate in this collective movement.


To assist in this mission, each concessionaire implements the selective collection of the containers, the appropriate containers / containers at each site, awareness actions and part of the recycling revenue according to the quantity delivered. This revenue may be reverted to social projects or to the improvement of the environmental conditions of each locality.











An EcoEvent is a one-off initiative, certified by each EGF concessionaire, which takes place in a predefined space, has a limited duration and is an example of adopting appropriate environmental measures that promote sustainability concepts. EcoEvents are backed up with a suitable selective collection service adapted to their size, local  environmental awareness and economic benefits associated with the quantity of packaging separated properly.





This initiative is part of an environmental communication strategy, wich is in the implementation phase in all the EGF concessionaires, and combines social innovation and results focus, in a methodology that has been funded by POSEUR. Projects of an equivalent size will soon start with commerce and services and educational establishments, and in practice it is intended to encourage the citizen to recycle everything, always and everywhere.





In 2019 there are many and varied good examples of EcoEventos: Rock in Rio (Lisbon); World Surfing Championship (Peniche); Carnival (Loulé and Torres Vedras); Sol da Caparica Festival (Costa da Caparica); Festival Vilar de Mouros and Paredes de Coura; countless city festivals, pilgrimages and running spreaded throughout the country.


This event will be open to all event organizers, including municipalities, parish councils and promoters.


Requirements to be a EcoEvento:


- Implementation of the waste collection in the place where the event is held;

- Carrying out training and sensitization actions with waste producers and participants of the event;

- Collaboration in the monitoring and evaluation of results regarding waste produced and / or avoided;

- Implementation of good environmental practices in the place where the event is held;

- Promotion and dissemination of environmental initiatives carried out with the public of the event.


In 2019, the EcoEventos of the companies of group EGF recorded an involvement of 11,8 million people.