The Ecovalor program aims to promote good environmental practices in educational establishments throughout the country, rewarding those that present better performance in the separation of their used packaging. ____________________________________


For each bag of plastic, metal and beverage packages delivered, the school will receive € 0.50, and the best schools in each municipality will be rewarded at higher value.


This initiative will start nationally this school year, in an initiative that includes all the logistical support (supports for bags, bags and selective collection) and more than 5,000 actions to raise awareness by environmental action monitors.


Also in this scope, the EGF program also includes a tour with traveling planetariums for environmental education. Our Home is a Planet, where 360º films dedicated to prevention, reuse and recycling can be watched.











To do this, it is necessary to have a direct contact with the EGF concessionaire responsible for the selective collection in your municipality (see HERE contacts), or send a request directly to the following e-mail:


This initiative is only available in the 174 municipalities served by EGF Concessionaires.





There were 1,136 educational establishments that participated in the Ecovalor Program in 2020 - the environmental education program dedicated exclusively to the school community and available in about 60% of the national territory. There were more than 331,000 students, teachers and assistants who, despite the pandemic, implemented good practices for the reduction and reuse of waste and recycled 2,560 tons of packaging, exceeding the values ​​of 2019.


All of these schools sent 1.442 tons of paper and cardboard, 849 tons of plastic, metal and beverage packages and 269 tons of glass to be recycled. The material separated by the students was sent for recycling and each school receives its prize based on the amount recycled, for a total of 139,250 euros.


TOP + | National Champions


At the national level, Moledo - Lourinhã Basic School should be highlighted, first with 25 tonnes, followed by the Centro Infantil do Hospital de Faro (23 tonnes) and the EB1 / JI School of Conceição de Faro (22 tonnes) . These were the winning schools of the 19th edition of the program, which is already in preparation for the academic year 2021-2022.


TOP + | Regional Champions


Each concessionaire also distinguishes the schools that recycle the most in each region.