EGF has launched the TONS OF HELP social responsibility campaign, which is expanding throughout its territory and is directed at all IPSS located in its concessionaires' intervention areas.


The campaign consists of valuing all the recyclable waste that the registered institutions want to deliver, namely plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and glass packaging, in exchange for a financial contribution.






To participate you will need to register at the concessionaire in your area and, upon data's reception, a customer form will be opened, which will act as a checking account for each institution to quantify the weight of the material delivered, and then a weighing slip will be provided. 






Deliveries of materials must be made directly at the premises of your concessionaire.


Deliveries made by other entities will also be accepted if proven that they are made on behalf of an IPSS already registered in the campaign.






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Winning Institutions 2020


There were 378 social institutions that participated in the Toneladas de Ajuda campaign in 2020 - the campaign aimed at social institutions and available in about 60% of the national territory. There were more than 450,000 people who, despite the pandemic, implemented good practices for the reduction and reuse of waste and recycled 2,332 tons of packaging, significantly exceeding the values ​​of 2019.


All of these institutions sent 1,550 tons of paper and cardboard, 502 tons of plastic, metal and beverage packages and 47 tons of glass to recycle. The material separated by the institutions was sent for recycling and each entity receives its prize according to the amount recycled, for a total of 307,880 euros.


TOP + | National Champions


At the national level, Banco Alimentar do Algarve stands out, first with 318 tons, followed by APPACDM by Trofa (206 tons) and by Projeto Lousã Recicla Mais (184 tons). These were the winning institutions, recognized by EGF and the concessionaire in their region.


TOP + | Regional Champions


Each concessionaire also distinguishes the institutions that recycle the most in each region.