OCTOBER 22, 2020

The artist Xico Gaivota joined the movement “The Future of the Planet is not Recyclable” and created a sculpture of a dolphin, from marine waste, as it is one of the most iconic marine species, thus arousing the attention of even more Portuguese people for recycling.




The piece can be visited, free of charge, at the European Green Capital Store 2020, at Praça do Município, in Lisbon, from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm, until December 31st 2020. After this date, the piece will go on tour in several spaces across the country.



“It was with great pride that I accepted the invitation to make this piece as part of the campaign "The Future of the Planet is Not Recyclable". The objective is to make us think about our behavior as inhabitants of this planet”, says Xico Gaivota.


With approximately 2.5m in height and about 150 kg, this work was developed exclusively with fragments of unhandled waste and without the use of any glues or paints during its production. All the materials that the artist uses in his pieces are collected by him on non-concessioned beaches on the Portuguese coast.


Xico Gaivota is usually recognized for his interventions to raise global awareness of the existing waste at sea. For years he has been travelling along Portuguese beaches, from north to south, collecting plastics and other materials that become the raw-material for his original creations, where the theme of marine animals is constant.


The developed art piece integrates the campaign “The Future of the Planet is not Recyclable”, which shows what happens to waste after being separated in ecopoints and aims to provoke the Portuguese conscience, leading them to adopt appropriate environmental behaviors to protect the planet. The process is simple: reduce, reuse and recycle.


Launched this month by the EGF concessionaires - Algar, Amarsul, Ersuc, Resiestrela, Resinorte, Resulima, Suldouro, Valorlis, Valorminho, Valnor and Valorsul -, the leading group in the treatment and recovery of waste in Portugal, this is the biggest environmental awareness campaign ever developed in Portugal with European funds and has an investment of around one million euros.


See here the making of of the art piece:



More information about the artist at: www.xicogaivota.com

More information about the campaign at: www.egf.pt/o-futuro-do-planeta-nao-e-reciclavel/


Technical Information

Art Piece: Dolphin Jumping Out of Water

Author: Xico Gaivota

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: Praça do Município,
European Green Capital Store 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Date: Exhibition until December 31st, 2020