MARCH 23, 2020

EGF has launched a social media campaign that sensitizes the population to stay home with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19's pandemic. The campaign shows workers of EGF's concessionaires with posters warning the population to stay home, to protect themselves and the selective collection workers.


With the motto “we are working for you, stay at home for us”, this campaign, promoted on the social networks of all EGF concessionaires, aims to remind the citizen of the rules of the General Health Directorate (DGS) that warn for prevention and social withdrawal during this pandemic.


The campaign takes place on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram and can be viewed on social media using the hashtag #PREVENIRCOVID19.


Last week, EGF issued a statement regarding the precautions to be taken for the disposal of waste from a person infected with COVID-19. All infected waste must be placed in the regular waste container and sealed properly in two bags. Masks, gloves and tissues should also be placed in the regular waste container.