AUGUST 04, 2020

In a pandemic year there are no EcoEvents, but here at EGF we recognize the organizations that in 2019 recycled the most and are already preparing for an even more sustainable 2021. In 2019, 377 EcoEvents were held, with a total of 11.8 million participants.


In these events, 517 tons of packaging were collected: 210 tons of plastic, metal and beverage packages; 172 tons of glass and 135 tons of paper and cardboard.


Among the 377 events held last year in the EGF area, 3 EcoEvents were distinguished with higher values of collectable material:




Valorminho was the company that collected more glass (39 tons), ERSUC more plastic and metal (63 tons) and Algar more paper and cardboard (29 tons).

EcoEvents is an initiative of EGF's Group, supported by POSEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources), for collection and recovery of recyclable material and the adoption of environmental measures that promote appropriate environmental behavior.


Throughout the country, EGF concessionaires registered events with higher quantities of recyclables, presented below through the Top 3 of Regional EcoEvents 2019:



The regional rankings, and top EGF, can be seen on social media pages of all EGF concessionaires on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.