DECEMBER 13 2022

The Football Foundation and EGF signed today, 13 December 2022, a cooperation protocol for Sustainability, through the joint organization and promotion of events and initiatives related to their respective areas of operation, which makes EGF the official sustainability partner in the field of waste management.

Initially, this partnership will promote, with the Clubs, the placement of 72 containers for selective waste separation next to the seat for the technical teams, in the 36 stadiums where matches of competitions organised by Liga Portugal are played.

But many will be the projects, actions and training that will result from this protocol that makes EGF the official partner of the Football Foundation for sustainability in waste management. This partnership with an award-winning company with over 75 years of history, which manages 11 companies from north to south of the country, which aims to ensure the recovery of waste in the most sustainable way and which positions itself as a beacon of innovation and environmental reference, is a huge step on the road to sustainability that the Football Foundation seeks to trace with the Portuguese Professional Football.

"The Professional Football Clubs have been the example in matters of Sustainability and Social Responsibility with the tireless work of the Foundations. This has always been one of Liga Portugal's main objectives. This partnership with EGF, a renowned company in waste management, represents another important step by the Football Foundation and Professional Football in making our spectacle more sustainable," said Pedro Proença, President of Liga Portugal.

"EGF and its concessionaires are proud to be partners of the Football Foundation, so that together, it is possible to implement solutions and raise awareness among citizens in the adoption of appropriate behaviour, and so that it is possible to reduce and recycle the waste produced, in stadiums, at home and everywhere else," said Emídio Pinheiro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EGF.


About the Football Foundation - Liga Portugal


The Football Foundation - Liga Portugal assumes the mission of being a link between the Professional Football Clubs and Social Responsibility, working for a society more committed to inclusion and equity.


In this sense, and with the awareness that Football and Social Responsibility should walk in the same direction and side by side, the Football Foundation has taken upon itself the responsibility of using the notoriety of football, and its players, in favour of Sustainability for a more Positive, Tolerant and Aggregating Football.


About EGF


EGF is a European company of reference in the environmental sector and a leader in waste treatment and recovery in Portugal. Integrated in the MOTA-ENGIL Group, it is responsible for ensuring the treatment and recovery of waste in the most environmentally correct and economically sustainable way, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and of the environment.

Waste treatment and recovery systems are managed by 11 concessionary companies (Algar, Amarsul, Ersuc, Resiestrela, Resinorte, Resulima, Suldouro, Valorlis, Valorminho, Valnor, Valorsul), set up in partnership with the municipalities served, which process around 3.3 million tons of municipal waste (RU) annually, serving a population of 6.2 million people spread over 174 municipalities, in an area equivalent to 60% of Portugal.

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