MAY 17 2023

To mark Recycling Day, which falls today, and to contribute to greater environmental awareness among the population, EGF is presenting Virtual Visits to its different municipal waste treatment and recovery units, available online on the website of EGF and its 11 concessionaires.


With the aim of alerting citizens to their role as resource managers, the Virtual Visits to EGF's units are intended to share experience in the different processes, highlighting the waste treatment process, from the moment the waste is collected to its transformation.


Throughout the Virtual Tours it is possible to learn about the entire waste treatment and recovery process, from collection from the street or door-to-door recycling points, to its treatment in the different units and, subsequently, its sorting, recycling and transformation into new products, promoting the circular economy.


Available with voiceovers in Portuguese and English, the Virtual Tours show many areas of the facilities filmed in 360º and allow you to travel through five different waste treatment plants, namely: sorting centres, organic valorisation and mechanical and biological treatment plants, Valorsul energy valorisation plant and landfills.


With this initiative, EGF reinforces its environmental education mission, shows what happens to Portuguese people's waste and promotes the adoption of appropriate environmental behaviours of prevention, reuse and recycling.


The Virtual Tours are available on the EGF and eleven concessionaires' websites, through the link.



About EGF

EGF is a European company of reference in the environmental sector and a leader in the treatment and recovery of waste in Portugal. It is part of the MOTA-ENGIL Group and is responsible for ensuring the treatment and recovery of waste in the most environmentally correct and economically sustainable manner, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and of the environment.

Waste treatment and recovery systems are managed by 11 concessionary companies (Algar, Amarsul, Ersuc, Resiestrela, Resinorte, Resulima, Suldouro, Valorlis, Valorminho, Valnor, Valorsul), set up in partnership with the municipalities served, which process around 3.3 million tons of municipal waste (RU) annually, serving a population of 6.2 million people spread over 174 municipalities, in an area equivalent to 60% of Portugal.

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