SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Valorlis promoted in the academic year 2019/2020, within the scope of EGF's Group program, Ecovalor, the “Separa e Ganha no Amarelo e Azul” contest, where schools were challenged to promote the collection of recyclable household waste, namely plastic packaging and metal and/or paper/cardboard, collected by Valorlis and later sent for recycling.

For their excellent environmental performance, 62 schools in the Valorlis intervention area will be awarded at the beginning of this school year, with more than 3 thousand euros to acquire pedagogical action materials, material goods or services.

During the academic year 2019/2020, participating schools sent 71 tons of recyclable waste for recycling: 50 tons of paper/cardboard and 21 tons of plastic/metal. The schools that separated the most kilograms per student were: Assanha da Paz Kindergarten in Almagreira, Pombal and Outeiro da Fonte Basic School in Carvide, Leiria, with 77 kg per student and 62 kg per student, respectively.

“This program aimed to increase recycling habits in schools and the evolving community, boosting the daily practice of separating recyclable waste", explains Marta Guerreiro, Executive Director of Valorlis and adds: "We are very satisfied with these results, which have been improving from year to year and we highlight the involvement of teachers, students and their families in promoting good environmental practices in institutions. The environment wins and the schools involved win! ”.