JULY 02, 2020

This year, Valorsul offered schools and institutions € 45,000 in prizes under the Ecovalor Program!

Separa e Ganha no Azul e Amarelo” was the challenge launched to schools and institutions. During the year, Valorsul asked that they separated the plastic and metal packaging and the paper and cardboard packaging. This project allowed the school community to gain recycling habits and, at the same time, to be awarded by their efforts by Valorsul.


The 2019/2020 edition, which has now ended, mobilized 295 schools from kindergarten to secondary education and 26 social institutions. This was the most participated edition ever, covering 86,000 participants, who turned out to be recycling enthusiasts.


Overall, 780 tons of recyclable material were collected, although this edition lasted two months less than usual, due to the early closure of schools and other participating establishments. This performance is noteworthy. Everyone involved deserves to be recognized, from students, assistants, teachers, technicians, users to collection operators. Everyone is to be congratulated!


For their excellent performance, 450 cash prizes were awarded to schools and institutions, reaching € 45,000. With these awards, some schools have the possibility now to purchase new equipment and resources, for example, for gymnastics, for the playground, library, classroom, etc.


The materials collected by the students go for recycling. With part of the collected plastic it will be possible, for example, to produce 226 thousand new t-shirts. And aluminum will be enough to make, for instance, 808 bicycles.


These contests are part of Valorsul's environmental education offer - the Ecovalor Program - which also include visits, informative materials on recycling and awareness actions on the waste cycle, which reached more than 9,700 students.