SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

In 2018 EGF's Group began the "Toneladas de Ajuda (Tons of Aid)" campaign. Valorsul opened the doors of its sorting centers and ecocenters to receive recyclable materials from institutions and, in return, started to provide financial assistance to the participating associations.



At Valorsul, more than 60 institutions are registered for the "Toneladas de Ajuda" campaign. Since its launch, the campaign's financial aid has already exceeded 94 thousand euros, managing to send around 475 tons of materials, delivered by the institutions, to recycle.


Valorsul thus joined its environmental mission with the social mission of these institutions. All non-profit institutions interested in participating in the “Toneladas de Ajuda” campaign can contact Valorsul, or EGF at Any person or company can contribute by delivering recyclable materials for this cause.



In the first half of 2020, "Toneladas de Ajuda" raised 138 tons of recyclable material, a result above expectations, considering that deliveries were suspended during the state of emergency, due to the pandemic COVID-19. 2 tons of glass, 87 tons of paper and cardboard and 49 tons of plastic and metal were delivered by 53 institutions. As a financial contribution, Valorsul handed over 25 thousand euros depending on the quantities delivered.



At Valorsul, one of the most successful cases of this campaign is the case of the O Dom Maior Association, which offers various therapies and physiotherapy for children.

"We must recognize this work, from these people who are dedicated to separating the materials for this campaign, which, in some cases, are families that live in very complicated situations and with increased responsibilities", says Sofia Terceiro, President of the Association, "In many situations of absent health insurance, this is the only means that makes the necessary treatments feasible."

This association was one of the first to join the campaign and has mobilized many people and even companies that send materials to Valorsul that revert in therapies and medicines for their users.

The Bucelas Voluntary Firefighters joined "Toneladas de Ajuda" in 2019 and, for some years now, they added, to their work for the community, an environmental aspect that brings benefits to the population they serve and also to the corporation.